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The United States is the world’s biggest single market for exhibitions, and the events industry continues to thrive and evolve. Tarsus produces over 100 dynamic face-to-face events in the Americas, and has strong platforms in several of the largest sectors of the economy including: healthcare, tourism/travel, fashion, and manufacturing.

Tarsus has been active in the North American exhibition, and media industry since being founded in 1998. Starting with the Labelexpo brand which was launched in 1989, Tarsus increased its interests there by acquiring OFFPRICE in 1999 with additional acquisitions of TSNN in 2000 and its initial preventative Medical business in 2006. Recently Tarsus has expanded its Medical portfolio to include CMHC and SBS in 2014, Painweek in 2015 and MedTech Impact in 2017. The most recent acquisition was the Connect business travel and meetings event portfolio in 2016, making Tarsus a dominant player in the meeting and tourism market.
A joint venture partnership with EJ Krause in 2013 opened up the Mexican market and gave access to the lucrative industrial and manufacturing sector through its Expomanufactura and Plastimagen events. In 2015 the collaboration additionally facilitated the replication of GESS in Mexico with Airport Solutions Mexico launched in 2017.
In addition to the growing portfolio of b2b events and education, Tarsus owns and operates the largest most recognized media property for the Tradeshow industry: This media group is expanding into the rapidly growing area of corporate events helping to connect buyers and sellers for the industry.

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