The story behind the Tarsus name and logo

The story behind the Tarsus  name and logo

Tarsus is an ancient southern Turkish city dating back to the 8th century BC. Tarsus has been an important city and a centre for social, agricultural and economic activity throughout its history and was visited on separate occasions by Caesar and Cleopatra when it was under Roman rule.

The company logo reads TRZ, which is Tarsus in Aramaic letters and can be found on Tarsian coins dating back from the 4th century BC.

The history of Tarsus is a fusion of Christianity and Islam and the city is documented in both the Bible and the Koran. In the Christian faith Tarsus is renowned for being the birthplace of the Apostle St Paul.

Neville Buch, Chairman, decided to give the new company the name 'Tarsus' when he heard about the city and its interesting history on his visit to Istanbul, shortly after acquiring a significant interest in the company, then called BBB Design Group plc.