The Group launched its “Quickening the Pace” strategy
at the start of 2013. 

Quickening the Pace

The core focus of the “Quickening the Pace” strategy is to accelerate financial returns to the company’s shareholders. This is being driven by a combination of geographical replications of major brands into fast growth economies; organic growth from the existing portfolio; tight cost control and selective small strategic acquisitions in the US and emerging markets which the group believes will continue to outpace mature Western economies.

“Quickening the Pace” will leverage fundamental changes underway in the world’s economies, with growth in the US and selective emerging markets poised to further outpace the mature economies of the West. The exhibition markets in which Tarsus operates are now consolidating rapidly to the benefit of the companies that achieved early entry.

Tarsus is committed to accelerating the pace of financial returns to shareholders, growing international visitor and exhibitor numbers at each of its events and growing its businesses in emerging markets and the US. As an international exhibition organiser with a strong track record of running and replicating international exhibitions there are a number of key ways in which Tarsus can add value to achieve these aims.

Extending and replicating brands

Tarsus has a strong track record of successfully replicating its brands across the globe. The Labelexpo series under Tarsus’ ownership has grown from two Western events to a series of events in 12 countries, the majority of which are in emerging markets. Tarsus has the resources, expertise and connections (both local and global), successfully to replicate events into new territories.

Sales and marketing expertise

There are significant opportunities to increase market share organically in each of Tarsus’ core brands. The Dubai Airshow, AAITF and Zuchex have each seen excellent growth under Tarsus’ ownership and the continued sharing of expertise and deep sector knowledge provides significant scope for continued organic growth.