Tarsus Indonesia launch Indonesia Fintech Show 2018

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JAKARTA - 28 February 2018 - Tarsus Indonesia, a subsidiary of Tarsus Group PLC, an international business-to-business media group with interests in exhibitions, conferences, education, publishing and online media, announced the launch of Indonesia Fintech Show 2018 (IFS 2018) scheduled for 5 – 7 De

The show is organized in support of the continual development of Indonesia's financial technology sector through 4 main components in the event:
1) Trade exhibition – a showcase by leading vendors of cutting-edge Fintech solutions, applications, products and services
2) High level conference – a forum to address current issues and challenges impacting the Indonesia Fintech industry
3) Technology Live! seminar – live technology demonstration by leading vendors of Fintech
4) Start-up village – a showcase of Indonesian Fintech start-ups
"IFS 2018 offers a platform for joint-ventures, collaborations, connections and co-creations within the Fintech ecosystems in Indonesia, while providing new business and investment opportunities for the financial services industry in the country. Our objective is to develop the Indonesia Fintech Show to be the Fintech Sourcing Hub for the financial services industry in Indonesia" said Cheah Wai Hong, Portfolio Director of IFS 2018.
Technology has fundamentally transformed the financial services industry. Fintech is any financial transaction that uses technology, for example, the way payments are processed, wealth is managed and investments are made and also the way finances are handled in-house at a company and in business-to-business transactions. Financial services companies are trying to position themselves to benefit from the rise of this digital and new “connected” reality. 
The growth of Fintech in Indonesia is very much in line with the government’s 2020 Go Digital Vision digital economy push, which has the objective of making Indonesia the largest digital economy by 2020 in ASEAN. Banks in Indonesia have recognized the need to adapt to the digital revolution, meet growing consumer expectations and maintain their current market position. For now, adoption of Fintech is a way for financial services companies like banks to differentiate their services but eventually Fintech is expected to be a ‘given’ for these companies.
IFS 2018 will be co-located with the already established Cyber Security Indonesia (CSI) 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Centre from 5 - 7 December 2018. “This is a synergistic co-location as security is a big issue in Fintech. In addition, CSI 2018 offers a captive audience of financial services companies attending its Cyber Security Indonesia 2018 conference”, added Mr Cheah.