Tarsus’ strategy in China is twofold. Firstly, focusing on internal markets led by consumer demand to take advantage of the transition occurring in the country’s economic growth and demographics. Secondly, focusing on creating scale in the country’s key cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen.
With the acquisition of Intex and a 65% share of Hometex in 2016 Tarsus became one of the biggest exhibition organisers in China, the second largest exhibition marketplace in the world.
Tarsus added PT Infrastructure Indonesia (PTIA) to its portfolio in 2013, and has since replicated the leading Zuchex and GESS brands, and formed a JV partnership with Tarsus 9 Events. With the acquisition of 50% of AMB in 2015, Tarsus substantially increased its South East Asian presence, adding Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and the Philippines to its geographic portfolio. This scale was further increased with the acquisition of PEP in the Philippines during 2016.

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China’s GDP growth has slowed down to around 7% as its economy transitions from one based on manufacturing and export to one driven by service and consumption. Due to the country’s sheer size and scale, Tarsus is focused on the key growth areas of Shanghai, Shenzhen and central China.

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By 2030 it is predicted there will be 221 cities in China with a population of more than one million compared with 35 such cities in Europe today.

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