The Tarsus Cares programme endeavours to achieve one of the core values of Tarsus - to bring people together and strive to make socially conscious investments by working with charities that are based around social, environmental and ethical issues. The objective of the programme is to achieve a positive impact on society and engage employees, while maximizing the creation of shared value for Tarsus employees, shareholders and the company's key stakeholders. 

Tarsus Cares is focused on helping the community in many ways, one of which is raising money for two specific causes that empower the next generation. Join us on Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - to make a bigger impact through volunteering time, giving resources and donating funds to help any charity or cause that's important to you. Together, we can make a bigger impact. For more information about Tarsus Cares, email TarsusCares@Tarsus.com.